Renan Niemietz Cardoso
Bilingual - Web Developer - Software Programmer - User Experience Designer

Portuguese / English / SQL Server / Oracle / ASP.NET / PHP / Apache / IIS / C / C++ / C# / VB / Java
Windows / Linux / Unix Shell Programming / Web Security / Unity


Physical Binary Calculator

The project was completed by using only one circuit board, transistors, resistors, copper wires, switches, LED bulbs and a 9-volt battery, ordered by Professor Erwin Alexander Ulman in the first semester of Computer Science. Where the ultimate goal was the basic functioning of a computer.

The project was completed in 4 months, and later was on display at Guarulhos University for a while, being the only one of the class to be completed and going to the exhibition.

The calculator could do binary sum calculations and result in binary numbers of up to 3 bits.

  • Requested by: UNG
  • Concluded in: 4 Months
  • Team Made (5 People)


I am a focused, productive, attentive and self-taught young man. With initial technical training in Web Master and 3D digital graphic art. After high school, I graduated in English from Wizard language school, and learned a lot from American culture by traveling to the United States in 2013. Soon after that, I started teaching English basics in São Paulo until 2014, when I received my first great opportunity working in a multinational company called Xerox.

Self-taught in programming logic, in 2015, I started my studies in college, studying Computer Science, in the largest and most well-known university in my city, in Guarulhos. And in the meantime, I received another great opportunity, to intern in the company responsible for the whole São Paulo's traffic, CET - Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego (Traffic Engineering Company), working in the Systems Development Department.

Prepared and dedicated, I know I'm ready to take the next step forward!


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